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The Aerobic Vibration Advantage from the industry’s best-selling name with the most reliable warranty.



T-Zone Vibration gets you faster results with every exercise you do by working your whole body at once, not just one muscle group at a time. Our gentle oscillating vibration simulates a safe natural walking motion, with less impact while triggering your natural balance mechanism to respond by causing muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second.

Get Faster Results:
10 Minutes = 1 Hour

Stay Safer with Natural Walking-Style Oscillation

Get Stronger and More Flexible

What's included

T-Zone Whole Body Vibration with microbalance technology

Comes complete with:

• Soft “Magic Mat” for Cardio/Massage
• Hard “Magic Mat” for Training
• Balance Poles
• Exercise Bands
• Remote Control


Works for every zone of the body

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