Back in 2007, while training in Windsor Ontario for the Paralympics, I was introduced to Whole Body Vibration. Now that I have moved back home, T-Zone St.Thomas allows me to continue with my vibration workouts for the upcoming Paralympic Games in London England. I am a track and field athlete and due to my cerebral palsy, I have issues with stability and flexibility…both of these issues has greatly improved with WBV. I love the fact that I can work both upper and lower body in about 20 minutes as opposed to 60 minutes plus at the gym. WBV offers me a low impact type of workout that engages many muscle groups which translates into more strength, improved stability, less recovery time after injury and measured results. Since Oct., I am down 2.5 inches. Although I was very fit when joining T-Zone St.Thomas, the last few inches of fat loss is always the hardest. I love how I got results in such a short amount of time. My personal coach recently attended a coach's clinic in the USA where some of North America’s best track and field coaches were boasting about Whole Body Vibration. They highly recommend it to their athletes for strength training, flexibility and balance improvements. Whether you are an athlete or not…Whole Body Vibration is a kind to joints workout for everyone! Megan M.

I...used [T-Zone Whole Body Vibration machine] twice a day while at home and the results were amazing. I wish I had a unit on the road. I cannot wait till I get home to go it regularly again. I felt it "woke up" and toned so many muscles I didn't even know I had. My lower back has been much improved and stable after 2 weeks use. Even with 2 weeks away from my unit. I still feel the benefit. Randy Bachman

Two weeks ago, I was walking with a cane. I had a hip replacement 10 yrs. ago and it had started to become difficult to walk. I could only walk a short distance. I had x-rays taken to see if there were problems with my hip and I was told that things where fine. Nothing that they could do. My son told me about vibration and how it had helped his knees. I was skeptical at first but decided I would try it. After 3 sessions of vibrating for 10 minutes, I am 95% better! Walking without a cane, going 3 times as far. B. B. 76 yrs.

Been using the machine since last Monday and love it! I weighed myself Tuesday and today I am down 4 lbs!! Leilani B.

Thank you Tzone!! In a total of 5 weeks, I lost 23 pounds and 14inches across my body!! No more back pain, feeling much better. But ain’t over yet! Two weeks to go 'till my wedding and I know you'll still help me look my best on my special day!!! Danielle W.

I have recently lost a lot of weight and need to stop focusing on the scale! My first month I lost 14 inches and gained 2 pounds of muscle back!! I personally love it!! It's helping me tone and tighten my loose skin! Donna L.

Wife started as post op hip replacement therapy. When I saw results I started for circulation help, to my amazement dropped 10 lbs in 2 weeks....Awesome!!! Recommended to brother for post op both knee replacement, he’s doing great, hopes to get back on the links this year, something he couldn't foresee before T-Zone. Chris T.

I look forward to my T-Zone session everyday. I have been going everyday for 2 weeks and I love it. Thank you for putting a studio in Huntsville. Monica A.

After having several knee operations, my left knee is inflamed and makes walking and getting up from a sitting position difficult. Although I walk the dog, sometimes by the time I'm walking back, my knee is really sore. I started using T-Zone Vibration technology about 3 weeks ago. My knee is less swollen and it's much easier rising from sitting on the couch. I don't have to pause once I'm up before I can start to walk. Yesterday I went for a walk with my husband for 52 minutes and was able to keep up with him! I feel better, I can kneel on my knees, which I was never able to do before because they were numb. T- Zone Vibration is fun and easy and only takes 10 minutes. S.D. 56 yrs

I have a herniated disk (L3) in my lower back for which I have received extensive physiotherapy and chiropractic work over the past 7 years. My symptoms include, from not being able to walk to lack of sleep every night. I use the VT7 every second day for 10- 12 minutes and have not needed any help from my chiropractor or physiotherapist since June of 2008 (seven months). The only change I have made is the use of the VT7 machine. It has increased my core strength and I believe that has been the answer to my problems. Everyone should have a VT7!!!! L.D.,

In March 2008, I had a heart attack that required a bypass. On April 23 2008, I had a quadruple heart bypass with Mitral valve replacement. After 18 weeks, I started using the vibration machine (VT7), for 30 seconds per day for 1 week, adding 30 seconds each week until I was up to 10 minutes. My rehab at the hospital has been greatly enhanced by the exercise program that I do. I am able to walk 5 km in 42 minutes at a speed of 1.4 miles per hour, or cycle on stationary bike for 30 minutes (16.5 km) without any discomfort. I am very grateful to T-Zone Health to have introduced this technology to my family. A.F.,

I enjoy using the T-Zone vibration therapy as an adjunct to my exercises that I do for strengthening my knees and my quads. I can do many of the exercises advised by physio, on the machine, thereby intensifying the effect, allowing me to pack more into less time. I noticed the results in a few weeks. Donna,

I just want to share my experience with your vibration machine. I could tell after 3 or 4 uses that it was working. I had an old back injury that would flair up from time to time. I had been told the way to fix it was to improve my core strength, particularly the lower back area next to the spine. I could feel the T-Zone machine working that part of my back right away. My back has been noticeably better ever since. As I continued to use the machine, I also noticed my waist line decrease because of my core muscles strengthening. This form of exercise is great for me because I am very busy and don't have lots of time to go to the gym every day. Thanks for introducing me to the T-Zone! P.G.,

I am 36 years old, injured my back when I was 28. The doctors told me (6 specialists) that I had the back of an 80 year old woman. I tried everything, 2 months of therapy every day, massage, you name it I tried it! I had been to a Chiropractor before and didn't like it but my neck had also gotten injured so I decided to try it again. 5 years later, I'm still here, but not as often. I can even work out, coach volleyball and garden, thanks to Dr. Vollrath and his wife Colleen. I want to also mention the whole body vibration machine. I have been using the machine for 4 weeks and I must say that it really works! Not only am I more flexible, I'm stronger. I have not done one single sit up or crunch other than on the machine and I can now get through an ab workout that previously would have taken me a month to work through! On my first try, I did the entire workout by just going on the machine 4 - 5 times a week and crunching my abs for 1 - 2 minutes. I've combined the machine with cardio and weights and the results are amazing! If I don't feel like working out, I will just go on the machine and it helps. I just can't say enough about it and Valley Chiropractic. I have went from being unable to stand straight up and unable to put any weight on my left leg to being able to now walk, run, jump and do pretty much anything I want within reason. Thank you so much! V.G.,

I bought the T-Zone Vibration machine hoping it would help with aiding in a diet I was about to undertake. I lost 27 pounds in 4 weeks....I use the T-Zone in the morning to get my metabolism going and in the evening to help relax tense muscles from the day. The machine is no effort to use at all. We just jump on it while watching TV and it does all the work for you, all you have to do is turn it on. A. W.