Blue Accessory Plate for LED Therapy Device

Price: $95.99

The basic T-Zone LED Device uses white LEDs with cover colours.

There are three replacement LED plates available for the Device. The plate LEDs use the wavelength, 470nm, 660nm or 880nm.

470nm appears as blue light.

There are studies showing this wavelength helps with skin surface issues to make the skin more attractive.

The blue light can be used for up to 15 minutes per day on problem areas.


Blue light (470 nm) effectively inhibits bacterial and fungal growth

In vitro effect of 470nm LED in keloid fibroblasts

Vibration is not for everybody - please read our contraindications:
While T-Zone Vibration is very safe, there are some people who should not use vibration. If you: have active cancer, have an active herniated disc, have a pacemaker or other implants, have had recent surgery, have serious cardiac disease, or if you are pregnant (or think you might be). This list is not exhaustive and if you have any health conditions whatsoever, please discuss with your health care provider.

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