Interested in improving your golf game? Check out these top 10 benefits of whole body vibration for golfers.

Drive Length

See a 17% average improvement on your drive length in just 3 minutes! Click here to see the details of our study.


With greater flexibility and improved strength comes more control - and better accuracy.


By increasing your strength and flexibility, you can recuperate from injuries faster and more thoroughly - or avoid injury in the first place.


Flexibility - it's the holy grail for golfers. Increase your follow through and maintain consistency with your swing by improving your flexibility in just a few minutes with T-Zone WBV.

Pre and Post Warm-up/Cool Down

Cut your warm up time down so you can get out on to the links! Just hop on for a few minutes before to get your body limber and make even those first shots count. Hope back on after to sooth tired muscles.

Shoulder, foot and neck massage

Need we say more? Ahhh!


Crucial for your golf performance as well as just regular life. WBV offers similar strength gains to conventional resistance/gym training in a fraction of the time. Scientific studies have proven these rapid strength gains. A 10 minute Vibration machine workout will give similar benefits to a 1 hour gym session!


Improve your stamina (on and off the golf course). Enjoy your game from the first hole to the last!

Smoother Swing

Practicing your swing on a WBV machine makes your grounded swing smoother. Try it and see for yourself.

Better Stability

Balancing on two rocks to chip out of a pit? Cozying up to a tree in order to hit a wayward ball? No problem! Besides the on-course adventures you might find yourself in, better stability mainly adds to your swing consistency - meaning you might avoid some of those traps in the first place.

Find out what Whole Body Vibration can do for you by emailing us, calling us at 1-855-896-6310 (toll free number), or by visiting our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.

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