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The Truth About G-Force

As Vibration Technology is becoming more widespread we are finding that there is some confusion about Gforce – this needs to be clarified so that users of vibration machines are not misled.

The g-force of Earth is 1g. So if a force is twice the pull of the Earth, it is called 2g. Three times is 3g, four times is 4g, five times is 5g – and so on.

Vibration machines have the ability to multiply the g-force by varying the differential ratio, or up and down motion, of their machine.

To put it simply, G-force is a function of frequency hz.Hz is decided by the differential that the manufacturer uses.

In essence, if you want a higher g-force you use a bigger differential ratio, if you want a lower g-force you use a smaller differential ratio.

It is completely under the control of the manufacturer to achieve whatever frequency they deem to be ideal. This impacts the resulting g-force.

Let us examine what is an ideal g-force from the point of view of a skilled responsible manufacturer.

A constant 16g for a minute may be deadly (ref: http://goo.gl/5kWlmw). So obviously, a manufacturer does not want his machine to go to 16g. His machine is a vibration machine and not a death machine.

Michael Behar, “Defying Gravity.” Scientific American. vol. 286, no. 3 (March 2002): 32-4. “Planes today are so fast and nimble that standard evasive maneuvers can add nine times the weight of gravity, or nine g’s, to the mass of a pilot’s body. That amount of force causes fatigue, blackouts, even death as gravity drives blood and oxygen from the brain, lungs and heart.” Ref: http://goo.gl/zo2EMt

A typical person can handle up to 5g (49 m/s²) (meaning some people might pass out when riding a higher-g roller coaster, which in some cases exceeds this point), but through the combination of special g-suits and efforts to train muscles—both of which act to force blood back into the brain—modern pilots can typically handle a sustained 9 g (88 m/s²).

In aircraft particularly, vertical g-forces are often positive (force blood towards the feet and away from the head); this causes problems with the eyes and brain in particular.

As positive vertical g-force is progressively increased (such as in a centrifuge) the following symptoms may be experienced [at above 5g]:

  • Grey-out: where the vision loses hue, easily reversible on levelling out.
  • Tunnel vision: where peripheral vision is progressively lost.
  • Blackout: a loss of vision while consciousness is maintained, caused by a lack of blood to the head.
  • G-LOC: a loss of consciousness (“LOC” stands for “Loss Of Consciousness”).
  • Death: if g-forces are not quickly reduced, death can occur.

Ref: http://goo.gl/HKLFLJ

At 5g, race car drivers complained of being disoriented and dizzy (http://goo.gl/fqkpWX).

A responsible manufacturer does not want his machine to be able to inflict such conditions.

Another issue is long-term damage to organs. After all, the body was built to a gravity of 1g.

Anybody who has been on a high g-force machine will tell you how uncomfortable it is and how their stomach felt.

Lower g-forces are much easier to tolerate and give the body a huge load. After all even 2g or 3g makes everything 2 or 3 times heavier.

In addition, when lifting weights, lower frequencies (up to a point) make the body work harder because at higher frequency, the body has no time to react and thus contract.

Reference: Whole Body Vibration and Your Health – Move to Live, by Morris Aboody, pages 15-16. See link: https://goo.gl/2dgIKo

So in short, a smart, responsible manufacturer will arrange the differential in his machine to go up to approximately 4.5g.

Some manufacturers claim 9g, 17g, 24g and more. Obviously, they are not responsible; either they misrepresent the g-force their machine can create, or they cause damage to the user, or a combination of both.

Typically, their design is several years old and they don’t have much else to talk about from the point of view of modern technology to enable the latest features.

Some manufacturers will fabricate specs. They claim whatever they think will sell their product. There is one device that will measure frequency very accurately. It can be purchased for about US$100. Found here: http://goo.gl/SweY47

When purchasing a vibration machine, look for the latest technology and features, such as:

1. Aerobic Capability: Vibration machines typically give movement, reactions, and gravity – but they are not in themselves aerobic machines. Using space-age polymers, the vibration platform can be transformed in seconds to enable the machine to have aerobic capability, which incidentally is low impact.

2. Voltage and weight regulator: automatically adjust for different user weights and electrical power fluctuations. The latest in technology for vibration machines allows for 36 adjustments per second.

The importance of this is not only for a smoother experience, but also to use frequency for therapeutic benefits. The idea is to choose a particular frequency that has a particular therapeutic benefit. For this to be possible, the frequency needs to be steady. If frequency changes due to voltage fluctuations or shifting of weight, it is useless for therapeutic purposes.

3. Heart Rate Monitor

4. Calorie Counter

5. Step Counter

6. LCD display: Some companies have models with displays. Some have two displays that show pre-set programs. Power Plate, T-Zone, Vibraflex and Turbosonic are excellent brands with this technology.

Avoid machines that talk about out-of-this-world g-forces. Look for machines that have the latest features, market leaders, corporate stability, and long warranty – and above all, are safe. Talking mainly about artificial g-forces for many years without adding any new innovations in technology makes the product obsolete. Don’t waste your money on obsolete machines.

Check out these charts to see the Hz created by different speeds on the machines:

HE-90 speed vs Hz
VT-20 speed vs Hz

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