7 Proven Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Plates

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Vibration Plates: Ancient Greek healthcare professionals developed the first body vibration machines as a treatment modality to aid military personnel in recovering from injury issues. They used a bow-like wooden instrument and would ‘pluck’ the spear’s strings to permit it to vibrate over the soldiers’ injuries. Healthcare professionals in Ancient Greece discovered that vibration therapy caused soldiers’ injuries to recover more quickly; this “buzzing” encouraged pus to drift way quicker from wound infection and stimulated the development of human growth hormone. These advantages, when combined, aided in the patient’s body’s recovery.

Whole-body vibration science and its advantages have been studied for hundreds of years. However, body vibration plate devices have always been such a part of human existence, dating back to the ancient Greeks and proceeding into the 20th century. In this article, we will provide an overview of the best vibration machine of today.


What is Whole Body Vibration?

Whole-body vibration is a method of therapy that has been shown to improve neuromuscular efficiency, muscular strength, stability, posture concepts, and wellbeing. Standing and holding positions or executing recommended workouts on a device vibrating at a configured intensity, amplitude, and magnitude of oscillation is the methodology.

Vibration plate has been used since the clinical environment to continue improving bone mineral density in patients with knee osteoarthritis, and it has since been developed to significantly strengthen endurance and neuromuscular stimulation in more sedentary populations, like older people; to reduce distress and tiredness levels in patients with fibromyalgia disorder; to enhance postural stability and physical function in people with multiple sclerosis, and to strengthen gait mechanics in Parkinson’s disease patient populations. The advantages of WBV could also apply to respiratory strength and overall health, as discussed in this article. In fact, in past years, WBV treatment has broadened the scope of studies as a potential method for pain control across a wide range of conditions

Such research findings and others with similar findings demonstrate that combining vibration plate therapy with a balanced lifestyle can aid those attempting to lose or maintain weight. We can further argue that everyone benefits from regular vibration therapy because it decreases the number of stored fat around the abdomen. Because abdominal fat has been connected to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and various other medical problems, anything that can lessen fat storage in this area is helpful regardless of age.

T-Zone Vibration Accelerated Weight Loss using Vibration Plates

Vibration plate massage and medication could also enhance the skin’s appearance by activating the fluid that lies beneath our skin’s surface. This liquid frequently builds up in collagen pockets, resulting in a wrinkling implication that resembles cellulite. Vibration reduces this fluid, making your skin feel and look softer and smoother.  

3. Improves Digestive System Function

Researchers discovered that WBV (Whole Body Vibration) affects the microbiome, which protects us from invaders and aids indigestion. In addition, a vibration plate may boost our body’s use of glucose as a source of energy and modify our microbiome and immune cells to start reducing patients with diabetes inflammatory response.

4. Better Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination

Muscles contraction 1-2 times per second throughout traditional exercise, but 30 contractions per second when using a vibration device. Trying to stand on the vibration plate, or effectively when conducting workouts on it, participates in your core and hip flexors to help sustain your body. This causes your body to work tougher, and the muscle fibers around your joints develop better and stronger. As a result, users notice an improvement in your stability, coordination, body position, and capability over time. Poor stability can be caused by various factors, including a lack of nervous system flexibility, hip tightness, and lack of strength.

5. Improves Blood Circulation

Vibration exercise increases blood circulation immediately, improving the transmission of oxygen and nutrients to cells and supporting their purpose. According to research, the growth in the circulatory system begins as soon as one starts using the vibration machine and is assisted by muscular contractions provoked by the plate’s natural rhythm and vibrations sent throughout the body.

6. Good for Strength Building

You stand, take a seat, or lie on a device with a vibrating channel to experience whole-body vibration. The device transfers the energy to your body as it vibrates, pushing your muscles to contract and loosen up multiple times per second. You may feel like you’re exerting yourself during the exercise. Proponents claim that as little as 15 minutes of the whole vibration three times a week would help people lose weight, burn calories, agility, blood circulation, muscle fatigue after a workout, strength building, and lower stress hormones. Whole-body vibration may have applications further than sport and physical activity.

7. Time Efficiency

When it comes to fitness, do you have the “work harder, not longer” mentality? If so, you might be relieved to learn that a brief exercise with whole-body vibration can produce the same results as a lengthy exercise without vibration.

According to studies, standing, sitting, or lying still on a vibration platform daily can imitate the effects of exercise.


To sum it up, whole-body vibration would seem to be an impressive, complimentary, and simple-to-implement tool for managing specific pain conditions, physical health and flexibility, cardiovascular health, and stability. The benefits of WBV therapy occur to be even more appealing when administered with exercise vibration plate proof on personal health indicators justifies further research into its efficacy as a technique of alleviating pain and increase overall performance and physical function.

T-Zone Vibration is extremely safe and simple to use. Users could do any activity they can do on the floor on your vibration machine. Standing alone is a workout! Aside from that, it is also simple to store. When not being used, you can store it under a bed or in a closet. So get in shape and feel great the easy way with vibration and reap substantial advantages!

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