Are Vibration Plate Workouts Actually Effective?

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The article snippets from this post were originally published on on October 20, 2023. An article written by Rachel MacPherson. We are not affiliated with or the author.

Understanding Vibration Plate Technology

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a technique used for exercise and treatment in sports therapy and athletic training, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. It involves sitting, standing, or working out on a platform that creates vibrations. These vibrations typically happen between 20 and 60 times per second with a magnitude (movement measurement) of one or more millimeters.1

Simply put, whole-body vibration is about creating three things: movement, reactions to that movement, and gravity. “Through vibrations, movement is created—this puts our body slightly out of balance as we resist the extra gravitational pull created by the vibrations, requiring us to constantly engage our muscles in order to keep us upright,” explains Darnell Cox, L.A.-based Healthy Aging Coach and Gerontologist at Live Young Lifestyle.

Whenever the plate moves, the body must respond by rebalancing itself on the plate through the repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles several times per second. This muscle movement is believed to help with healthy weight loss and improved circulation while reducing post-workout muscle recovery, says Cox. “The best part is, because the reactions are so quick and involuntary, it actually feels good. The sensation is more like a massage or gentle stretching,” explains Cox…

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