Are Whole Body Vibration Machines Safe? [5 Rules To Follow]

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Whole body vibration machines are safe and effective, and there are numerous studies to back it up (check out the studies down below). Vibration machines have been found to help you lose weight and build muscle and are an ideal form of exercise for people who cannot or don’t want to do traditional exercises. 

Vibration machines are used in hospitals, gyms, and in physiotherapy rooms across the country. However, when bringing one home, make sure you know how to use it safely and responsibly. We’ll go over how they work and how to use them safely in this article. 

Do whole body vibration machines work? 

When used properly, vibration machines produce fantastic results. Researchers have found that whole body vibration machines typically lead to a large amount of fat loss. (1) It’s also been shown to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure (2), increase strength, (2/3), and can aid in losing weight (4). One study found that using a vibration machine combined with following a diet is just as effective as aerobic exercise and dieting. Furthermore, vibration can decrease cellulite, improve your balance, and even your digestive system. 

In other words, not only do whole body vibration machines work, but they also provide a ton of benefits besides fat loss. For the full list of benefits, check out this post. 

How to use a whole body vibration machine safely

The whole body vibration machine is simple to use – just step on and turn it on. It is a low-impact option that can be much safer on your joints than going to the gym. 

However, to use your machine safely and responsibly, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and stick to these steps. 

1. Use in moderation

Don’t over-use your machine – 3 sessions of 10 minutes a day is about the most you should do. Too much of a good thing may head you in the wrong direction. 

2. Follow time limits

First, follow the machine’s time limit. 10 minutes per session is enough. After that you’re really going to see diminished returns, and you increase your risk of injury when you overdo a workout. 

3. Give yourself recovery time

If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea not to use the machine daily so that your body has time to recover in between sessions. Typically, 48 hours between sessions is ideal until you can tolerate more.

4. Get your doctor’s advice

If you have certain conditions like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, or are pregnant, or have concerns about vibration therapy, you should consult with a doctor before using a vibration machine. 

5. Select a quality machine 

When choosing your vibration machine, make sure to find a quality machine within safe vibration limits. With safety and quality, you get what you pay for.

Try It Out

Whole body vibration machines are ideal for those unable to participate in traditional exercise activities like strength training. They’re easy to use, and with just a few minutes each week, you can start to see results. 

If you think you could benefit from the therapeutic and pain management offered by a whole body vibration machine, try one out. Purchase a whole body vibration machine from T-Zone Vibration, the pioneers of whole body vibration.


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