Easy 10 minute workout: An Effective Way to Burn Fat [At Home!]

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Having a 10 minute workout Fitness is part of having a healthy lifestyle. Due to busy work schedules, we tend to neglect the value of doing some workouts. You can definitely do some 10-minute workouts at home. And, only 10 minutes of your time can make a difference.

Your 10-minute workout with the T-Vibration machine is equivalent to a one-hour of a traditional workout. With this machine, you are working out not just one muscle group at a time. Doing one task is simply doing a group of muscles working out. Also, g-force stress upgrades the results of these workouts.

In this article we will discuss about all the 10 minute workout on a T-Zone Vibration Machine :

T-Zone Vibration Easy 10 minute workout An Effective Way to Burn Fat

10-minute workout: Doing Cardio on a T-ZONE Vibration

Start by doing a Full Speed Warm-Up for 3 minutes. Set your plate a full speed and be in an active rest position while increasing its intensity. Position your legs width apart. Your feet should always on the plate while the plate is active and moving. Then, increase your intensity by shifting your weight side to side for 30 seconds. Just shift it back and forth until your heartbeat increase. This will also give you a pelvic tilt which is good for engaging your core muscles. Don’t forget to breathe.

Afterward, put your plate a half speed for 30 seconds. Engage your muscles and start to jog on the plate. Keep breathing and keep the intensity while doing the high knee jog in place. Next, be in an active rest position for 30 seconds while the plate is on. Then, repeat another round of high knee jog for 30 seconds in 100% intensity. Keep on breathing to keep going. Repeat again the 30-second shift side to side while on the plate.

T-Zone-Health-Vibration-Machine 10 minute workout boxing

Lastly, do some power bands which are boxing repetitions. While the plate is on, do some crossover punches and uppercuts. DO them repeatedly for 50 seconds. 

After doing all these routines, it’s time to cool down. Put your machine a full speed, put your body on active rest to relax your muscles. 

Doing a cardio workout is good for your heart and body. It will improve your lung function, strengthen your heart, boost energy, and great for losing weight. It will improve your lifestyle as it will also help you to boost your immune system.

Before, cardio workouts were done for a very long period of time. But, doing exercise for a longer period may have other effects on your health. But, the T-Vibration machine keeps you doing movements for cardio workouts without the risk of any joint injuries. It is the same result as it will also help your body for improving lung function and improving heart pumping.

10-minute workout: Let's do Interval exercises!

Interval Training is doing some sets of low-intensity and high-intensity workouts alternately. Keep in mind that the power level of the machine should be in 13-19 only while doing interval training. Also, maintain your core, pelvic tilt and squeeze your cheeks the whole time. 

Start by doing a variety of boxing. While standing on the machine, do some staring punches for 15 seconds. Punch as fast as you can. Then, use the 200 lbs resistance power bands while doing straight punches. Followed by, doing the uppercuts. It is punching towards the ceiling. Put your arms all the way up and your fists up to the sky. Then, maintain your pelvic tilt and use the powerband for 15 seconds each. Make sure that your elbow cross while doing this, 

Next, punch your neighbor. Well, no one will be hurt because it is just a figurative name. You will just punch on the side like punching someone. These punches are made to twist the core while your core is tight. Afterward, use some power bands and work on your obliques and shoulders.

Another, doing the angry cat punch. This is done by punching downwards. It works for the lower back and keeps your core tight. If you feel that your stomach is burning, the workout is working well. 

Then, let’s jump to Interval Level 1. It’s doing an elbow and knees cross over. You need to squeeze your obliques and do this as fast as you can. Stay upright while doing the routine. With the power of the Magic Mat, do some step-ups. Just put your foot on the place. Step in the other foot by stepping out the other. It’s stepping your feet alternately on the mat. 

Lastly, do some variety of kicks. While sitting on the mat, do some scissor kicks, feet in and out of the chest, bicycle kicks, and side to side kicks. Repeat these kick routines for abdominal workouts 

Interval training is hard to do in a traditional way because it’s hard to time yourself while doing a workout accurately. Stopwatches don’t have any special function for interval workouts. But, this machine allows you to do high-definition interval workout programs. You are free to choose what interval training you want to do with just a simple push of a button.

10 minute workout: Whole Body Exercise for T-Zone Vibration

All of these 10 minute workout routines will surely help you to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. But, we can make things faster and better.

Let’s turn your 10 minute workout into a 1-hour workout result, without having extra time with it. It is possible with the T-Zone Vibration. Know more about it through this link

This machine can help you to improve your workout routines result with the power of whole-body vibration. While doing your usual workouts, this machine is a great tool to enhance and improve your fitness goals. 

Such exercises are some of the recommended workout routines you can do as a beginner. You can have your leg squats, back extensions, triceps kickbacks, shoulder press, bicep curls, and Ab twists. You can check the video to know the specific steps in doing these exercises with the T-Zone Vibration.

Benefits of T-ZONE Vibration Machine

There are a lot of benefits T-Zone Vibration can give you. Here are some benefits:

  1. This machine is good for your cardiovascular system. 
  2. You can save time with this machine with better results
  3. This is a good warm-up and cool-down machine for sports. 
  4. It can also be used for massage and therapy. 
  5. This machine can be used for facial and removal of toxins. 
  6. It’s one of the remedies for sitting disease. 
  7. It can be used for strength training.

Wrap it Up!

Though other people have some worries and doubts about vibration, this machine is guaranteed to be safe and effective. It is already proven to give excellent results in a shorter period of time. Definitely, this machine can help you in your fitness journey, and can be your fitness buddy!

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