T-Zone Vibration’s Troubleshooting Tips

Below are some common issues that may arise with your machine, and some suggestions and tips on how to troubleshoot them. As well, we’ve included some general maintenance suggestions for how to care for your machine.

No power to the console:
If there is no power to the console of your machine, always check to make sure the machine is fully plugged in and that the power cord is fully connected to the back of the machine. It is also good to make sure that the fuse cap is turned all the way to the right - this assures the fuse is making good contact.

Also it is good to go back and make sure the wire that connects the console to the base of the machine is firmly connected at both the base of the machine and the console as well - during the assembly of the machine this wire can sometimes become loose or get pinched, which would result in no power getting to the console.

Machine is shaking excessively while in use:
If you find that your machine is shaking excessively when in use, this could be related to the type of flooring the machine is on. If the machine is on a carpet this could be the problem as the carpet can allow the base of the machine to shift side to side slightly from the vibrations of the machine, and your natural body weight shifting from side to side. When this happens the vibrations travel up the centre of the machine and cause the handles and console to shake back and forth. Sometimes hardwood or tile floors especially ones with soft underlay can also cause this to happen, it is best in this case to try and relocate the machine to a more solid surface for better results.

Handles coming out of plastic connectors:
This is a common issue - when the handles come apart at the plastic connectors, it is generally due to people doing squat exercises on the machine and using the handles to pull themselves up. The handles aren’t intended to support a person’s full weight while in use.

Machine is noisy:
Another concern is that the machine is too loud. There is an acceptable level of sound with all of the machines, especially at higher speeds. If the noise becomes excessive, or loud squeaking or knocking is heard, please contact me in the service department for further guidance.

General Maintenance

Below are some general tips and suggestions for how to take care of your machine.

When cleaning the machine never use harsh chemical or cleaning agents as they will damage the surface and cause the black rubber coating on the handles to dry out and crack. When cleaning, it is best to use a damp cloth and scrub away any dirt or debris, also be mindful not to spill any water on the console or into the base of the machine as to not damage any of the electronic parts.

Balancing the machine before use is crucial but if done incorrectly can be very time consuming and ineffective. Instead of using a level and making sure he machine is perfectly level the best way is to screw the front legs all the way in, at this point screw one out to the desired height then unscrew the other until all 4 legs are firmly on the ground and the machine is solid. at this point tighten the lock nuts in place, and that is all that needs to be done.

Another useful tip is tip periodically check to make sure all of the screws and bolts are tight, over time the vibration of the machine can sometimes cause the screws to vibrate loose, when his happens if not checked the vibrations can cause the loosened screws to strip.

If these tips don’t solve your issue, or for any reason, please contact us at the service department.

The phone number is 416-285-6055 ext 231 - Toll free:1-855-TZONE10 (896-6310), or the service email is service@t-zonehealth.com

You can submit a service ticket online here:


Please be sure to include all the information the form asks for, as that really speeds up how quickly we can solve your issue.

Happy vibrating!