Machine Issues

For issues related to the console, such as:
• No power to console – console won’t light up and the machine won’t do anything.
• Inconsistent power to console. Console lights up but cuts out while in use.
• Console lights up but base doesn’t move. Machine won’t respond to entered commands on keypad.
• Console lights up but numbers aren’t shown properly (only parts of numbers show up).
• Console lights up and numbers count down as if the machine is working normally but base doesn’t actually move.
Troubleshooting for electric issues listed above:

• Double check that the fuse is intact and screwed in all the way with no damage to cap, fuse or inner housing.
• Check the power switch to make sure there are no loose or dead spots when going from the “on” to “off” position.
• Check the power cord and the receptacle on the base of the machine to ensure it is not damaged or cracked.
• Make sure the power cord is fully plugged all the way into the machine.
• Check to ensure that the grey wire connecting the base to the console is firmly connected at the console and at the base.
• Check to make sure the grey wire isn’t pinched or crimped in any way. Even crimping the outer surface can cause the inner wires to break and lose connectivity.
• Inspect the console to make sure there are no signs of damage to the outer casing and on the back where the wires come out of it.
• Check the wires coming out of the console, looking for any damage to the connectors at the ends of the wires.
• Lastly, if possible, check the machine on a different household circuit from the one it’s plugged into when experiencing these problems. 

Troubleshooting Tips:

• Double check all screws and bolts from original assembly of machine.
• Ensure the machine is not on a soft carpet or anything else that may contribute to this happening, i.e., machine being placed on a pad or yoga mat, flooring with soft underlay, unstable flooring especially on the second floor of a house.
• Make sure that the machine is balanced properly and the front adjustable legs aren’t turned out too far.
• Try the machine on a different more stable floor to confirm that the issue was due to the flooring.

This is a common issue – when the handles come apart at the plastic connectors, it is generally due to people doing squat exercises on the machine and using the handles to pull themselves up. The handles aren’t intended to support a person’s full weight while in use.

Another concern is that the machine is too loud. There is an acceptable level of sound with all of the machines, especially at higher speeds. If the noise becomes excessive, or loud squeaking or knocking is heard, please contact us in the service department for further guidance.

General Maintenance

When cleaning the machine never use harsh chemical or cleaning agents as they will damage the surface and cause the black rubber coating on the handles to dry out and crack. When cleaning, it is best to use a damp cloth and scrub away any dirt or debris, also be mindful not to spill any water on the console or into the base of the machine as to not damage any of the electronic parts.

Balancing the machine before use is crucial but if done incorrectly can be very time consuming and ineffective. Instead of using a level and making sure he machine is perfectly level the best way is to screw the front legs all the way in, at this point screw one out to the desired height then unscrew the other until all 4 legs are firmly on the ground and the machine is solid. at this point tighten the lock nuts in place, and that is all that needs to be done.

Another useful tip is tip periodically check to make sure all of the screws and bolts are tight, over time the vibration of the machine can sometimes cause the screws to vibrate loose, when his happens if not checked the vibrations can cause the loosened screws to strip.

If these tips don’t solve your issue, or for any reason, please contact us at the service department.

The phone number is 416-285-6055 ext 231 – Toll free:1-855-TZONE10 (896-6310), or the service email is

You can submit a service ticket online here:
Please be sure to include all the information the form asks for, as that really speeds up how quickly we can solve your issue.
Happy vibrating!

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