Frequently asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes. T-Zone Health distributes Oscillating Vibration Technology, which is considered the safest form of vibration, and we are certified by CSA or TUV. However, like all new exercise programs, it’s important to consult your health care professional first. Whether you’re physically fit or a non-exerciser, overweight, suffering from stiffness, aches and pains or recovering from an injury, almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of this machine.

How does T-Zone compare to other more expensive machines?

No contest! Click here for a comparison chart and see for yourself.

The claims of benefits achieved from Vibration are quite extensive. Can this really be true that you can achieve such wide and varied benefits?

Yes. This is because the claims made are a result of worldwide research.

My doctor/specialist doesn't know about Whole Body Vibration. What should I do?

Both nationally and internationally, Vibration Training is becoming more widely known. The knowledge and know-how on the many applications of Vibration Training is growing rapidly - not only in the world of health and fitness clubs, but also in the area of medical and rehabilitative care. If your doctor, specialist or physiotherapist would like to know more about WBV and its possible applications, have them visit our website for more information.

Can I exercise all my muscles on the machine?

Yes. The vibration does not discriminate between different muscle groups, e.g. quadriceps and hamstrings. They both work together. The vibration is highest in the body part that is closest to the platform and will dampen as it travels up the body.

Will I lose weight when training on a WBV machine?

YES! Training with WBV has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, therefore increase metabolism and burning more calories. With the addition of a magic mat, you can also do aerobic exercises.

How long do I have to use the machine in any one session to get a benefit?

You will notice benefits almost right away - often after 1 minute, you will feel the changes. A full session should take approximately 10 minutes. This workout can be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with other strength or cardio training.

Could a Vibration workout replace my entire fitness program?

YES! With T-Zone Vibration's Magic Mat, a T-Zone Vibration machine is all you need for muscle strength, flexibility, and cardio exercises

Is there a training schedule?

It's a good idea to begin gradually using WBV (in 3 to 10 minute sessions). Because the initial training phase occurs on a neurological level (as it also does with conventional training), it is necessary to become accustomed to this new form of exercise to receive the full effects. Your present condition will determine when you begin to see results - normally between 2 to 6 weeks.

Can I reduce cellulite visibility through Vibration Training?

Yes! Studies have shown that cellulite visibility can be significantly reduced through Whole Body Vibration.

What are massage positions used for?

Massage on a WBV machine stimulates your body considerably, which can be seen by the slight redness on the skin and felt by an itchy tingly, warm sensation. Massage significantly contributes to combating cellulite visibility.

Will WBV improve my flexibility?

Yes, one of the first things you will notice is that your body is becoming more flexible and your range of motion is increasing. Research has shown that stretch positions with Vibration Training will give a greater increase in flexibility. An extra bonus is that your muscles are stretched in the same positions as in everyday movements.

Do I need to do difficult exercises to gain any benefit?

No, all the exercises we recommend are functional positions to benefit your overall fitness and strength. Some people just like to stand on the platform. Others perform squats, lunges, push-ups, even golf shots! Your choice of exercise positions will depend on your needs. Select the appropriate program - Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced.

How do I get a stretching benefit from WBV?

WBV will give you a significant increase in muscle length just from standing on the platform. It is advisable to hold a regular muscle stretch position to increase the stretching effect.

Should I alternate muscle groups I am exercising on the machine?

It is entirely up to you. However, it is sensible to alternate between upper body, lower body and abdominal exercises to allow each group a rest in between.

Should I avoid using Vibration with bare feet?

To ensure correct transfer of vibrations to the body, there should be as little friction as possible between your body and the Vibration Platform. This is most easily achieved while wearing flexible-soled shoes (while these do not have to be training shoes, they are recommended). However, if you would like to train barefoot or perform exercises where other parts of the body are in contact with the machine, we suggest using a Magic Mat for added comfort.

Is it normal for my legs to itch during and after training?

Yes. Itching may occur while using WBV - this is completely normal.

Will I sweat during the Vibration workout?

Yes. Any exercise or physical activity will cause an increase in body temperature and metabolism. This in turn will cause you to perspire so you will sweat during your Vibration workout.

Can I use the machine while pregnant?

We do not recommend WBV be used during pregnancy. However it is a great way to get back into shape post-partum.

Can I use the machine if I've recently had surgery?

We recommend at least 6 weeks post surgery before using your Vibration machine. Vibration has been used successfully for many rehab patients with supervision from a Health Care Professional. Please consult your doctor first.

Is WBV like a treadmill?

No, Oscillating Vibration is a gentle workout that is not hard on your joints. Instead of walking, you simply stand or perform simple exercises on a moveable vibrating plate that encourages muscle contractions using your body's own weight.

Can I use it every day?

It is advisable to take at least a day or two off a week, just to let your muscles recover from the workouts. Again, this would depend on the intensity and duration of your workouts, and your individual health.

What are the contraindications?

While T-Zone Vibration is very safe, there are some people who should not use vibration. If you: have active cancer, have an active herniated disc, have a pacemaker or other implants, have had recent surgery, have serious cardiac disease, or if you are pregnant (or think you might be). This list is not exhaustive and if you have any health conditions whatsoever, please discuss with your health care provider.

How do I use the programs?

The benefits of whole body vibration can often be magnified by varying the frequency and duration during your 10-minute workout. The programs change the frequency (or speed) for you, making this variation easy. Instead of keeping the speed the same throughout your workout, try the same routine you are currently doing but with one of the programs that come with your machine, and see how you feel.

What speed do I use?

This very much depends on your goals and where you are comfortable. If your feet are very close together, the intensity is very low. As you spread your feet wider apart the intensity becomes stronger. Do not think of controlling the intensity by the speed - the intensity is controlled by how far you feet are from each other. A good rule of thumb is to use the lower speeds for strength training, and the higher speeds for relaxation and massage. The exact number is up to you.

Other manufacturers claim a higher g-force. What is the g-force I should be looking for?