VT-20 vibration machine is for you [The 5 Amazing Reasons]

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We’re already through almost half of the month. How are your fitness goals?

Surely, you have your own ways to stay fit and healthy. Going to the gym is one of the options. But doesn’t it make more sense to just invest once and achieve your goals at home with the VT-20 Vibration Machine? 

In this article we will mention the benefits of using our VT-20 vibration machine:
T-Zone-Health-5-Reasons-VT-20 Vibration Machine Is Right For You

VT-20 Vibration Machine gets you Stronger.

Exhausted with your daily tasks? What you need is to strengthen your body through a healthy lifestyle. Though regular exercise can definitely help you to be strong, this Vibrating Machine will surely make you stronger.

The VT-20 Vibration Machine is a strength training machine. By using it, your muscles will be strengthened. Just be reminded to maintain its low speed for low-impact strength training. There are also available routines on our Vibration exercise DVD, or lots of fitness routines you can find online for inspiration.

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It’s important to use this machine for your core, upper and lower body strength. This strength training exercise is a great example. It involves exercises such as ab plank, squat, reverse lunge, glute bridge, and push-up.

It increases your flexibility for injury recuperation

Flexibility can be achieved by using the VT-20 Vibration Machine and by doing this workout routine. First, bend your waist, and extend your arms to your toes. Pay attention to how far you can reach. Then, stand on the vibration machine for three minutes. Once three minutes is up, bend from the waist again. You’ll see how much further you can reach!

This exercise works on your muscles as its fibers are already stretched. As the fibers extend, flexibility also increases.

According to Dr. Yamamoto, “improving flexibility induced by the stretching exercise may be capable of modifying age-related arterial stiffening in middle-aged and older adults”.

Also, this machine is a therapy machine. It can be used as a therapy for injuries. Since its gentle and low impact, a vibration machine can be a relief for discomfort and can help in gaining your stretch back.

VT-20 Vibration Machine makes you better coordinated for sports and it improves daily function

Are you an athlete or a sporty person? Do you love playing sports?

Let’s improve your coordination for sports with the VT-20 Vibration Machine. This is a coordination machine, which enhances and improves your body coordination. It’s swinging vibration helps your body coordination.

Sports need well-conditioned and proper body coordination. For sports players, this machine is also a warm-up and cool-down machine. Warm-up is important to prevent injuries. Use this machine as a warm-up for sports like running, golf, or team sports. You can also use this after exercise for cooling down. You will be a more active player if you will be using this vibration machine for warm-up and coordination.

It helps you reach your best athletic performance

The VT-20 Vibration Machine has two functions. It both works as Static Stretching and Dynamic Stretching.

Static Stretching doesn’t have any movement. The body just maintains a stretched position.

But, this is not an effective way to prepare your body. Instead, you may use the T-Zone Whole Body Vibration machine. You just have to stand and the muscles will be relaxed. This will prepare the body for your workout.

Meanwhile, Dynamic stretching involves routines that mimic exercises you do while doing the workout. Through this, your body will be properly prepared and can avoid injury.

Regular dynamic stretching is definitely an improvement over static stretching. However, it still takes a lot of time to get the body warm properly because it’s not 100% of the muscles. It concentrates on the large muscle groups only versus the whole body.

According to experts, dynamic stretching is more preferred than static stretching. The only issue with these methods is doing walking lunges which you can only do once every two or three seconds. It’s better to do it with the T-zone vibration machine, where you can do up to 32 movements per second.

VT-20 Vibration Machine makes you go faster

Things are getting faster, and for sure you don’t want to be left behind. 

The T-Zone vibration machine is the right fit for you. This is a muscle speed machine with increased flexibility. This machine makes the muscle grow, and it can make your muscle perform faster than before. 

Now, you will be able to accomplish your tasks easily and fast.

In Summary

The VT-20 Vibration Machine offers you the best features and a lot of benefits for your body and health. Always prioritize your health and fitness by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. With a balanced diet, regular fitness exercise with the VT-20 Vibration Machine, you will have a happier lifestyle.

Where can I find these vibration machines?

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